Roof Coating for your Vernon Commercial Roof

American High Tech Roof Coating provides a long-lasting, roof coating solution for various different types of commercial roofs in the city of Vernon. Our service helps create significant and immediate energy-saving towards your building and we work with local and federal rebate programs to save you even more money. Our roof coating service prolongs the life of your roof so you would have fewer leaks during the rain and better protection against the elements in the environment. Our roof contacting contractors in Vernon help protect your roof with a cool roof coating.

Let’s talk about the reasons our roof coatings service is the right choice for your commercial or industrial buildings in the Vernon, CA area:
You get a commercial roof that is virtually weather-proof! Call for a FREE Estimate 323-423-7424 

Top three reasons you get even more savings with roof coating:

  1. You don’t have to pay for “tear off” of your existing roof. Elastomeric roof coatings are sprayed on top of what’s there (after careful preparation of the surface). Tear off is a large cost in roof replacement.
  2. In addition, an acrylic roof does not count as an additional layer in building codes. So there’s no need to remove any of the existing roof to get the project up to code.
  3. The roof coating does not add “dead weight” to your building; there’s no negative affect on the structural integrity of the structure.

Is the cost of applying a reflective roof coating a good investment?

Yes. When applying a reflective roof coating for your Vernon commercial property you are making an investment to last and provide:

  • Less heated building
  • Longer roof life
  • Opportunity for energy credits, tax savings, rebates
  • Reduced maintenance costs over the life of the roof
  • Extra protection against the sun and rain fall