Benefits to Expect When You Coat with Silicone Roof Coating: 

Up to 50% cheaper than re-roofing, cool roof coatings can be applied to existing and/or new roofs. We re-roof both commercial and residential buildings. 

Increase the life of your roof by 20 years, we provide Silicone Roof Coating, Roof Restorations, and HVAC Compliant Cool Roofs all throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Save up to 30% on air conditioning costs, cool roofing reduces HVAC system maintenance. Coof roof is a green initiative with three components; asphalt, white polyester membrane, and a reflective layer. A perfect combination to absorb sunlight, reflect sunlight, and emit thermal energy, for stable internal temperature and a strong, durable, water-proof roof.

Roof Coating Coating Contractor.

We provide Silicone Roof Coating , Roof Restorations , HVAC Compliant Cool Roofs all throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

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Commercial Cool Roofing Contractors For Los Angeles & Orange County

Looking for Commercial Roof Repair or thinking about Re-Roofing your Commercial Building? Consider a Cool Roofing System instead! It offers an Energy Efficient Roofing alternative that is both economically friendly and a greener option to your Commercial Roofing and maintenance needs. American High Tech Roof Coating can provide the reflective roof coating you need to protect your roof from elements and bring a longer life span of your roof.

Replacing the roof on your commercial or residential building can be a costly and messy experience, but Cool Roof Coatings can save you money and the mess while offering you an energy-efficient solution! Speak to our company today to learn more about reflective roof coating today!