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How does a reflective roof coating make my Pasadena’s commercial roof “cool?”

At American High Tech Roof Coating, our contractors can make any roof become a “cool” roof by applying a reflective roof coating to your Pasadena property. Roof coating can be applied to new or existing roof. A reflective roof, as defined by ENERGY STAR, is one roof which at least reflects 65 and 50% emissivity after 3-year aging. Roof coating when properly done reflects solar energy back into space. Therefore your roof’s surface remains cooler and your energy bills towards your air conditioning unit become less. A “black” roof becomes incredibly hot in the summer, especially in a Pasadena hot summer day. With solar energy getting absorbed into the building, the surface temperature and heat transfer into the structure. Our roof coating service in Pasadena also helps act as your roof’s first line of defense against water penetration. Since Southern California is preparing for an El Nino, it is important to prepare for the upcoming whether conditions in order to avoid leaking roofs.


 What are the benefits to using a reflective roof coating in Pasadena?

Since reflective roof coating cools and protects the roof surface, it helps:

  • Appeals sustainable roofing which meets California rebate programs
  • Reduces the roof surface temperature around 50%
  • Increases effective “R” value of insulation
  • Increases the efficiency of roof-mounted HVAC units
  • Saves on money spend on running an air conditioning unit
  • Reduces the energy costs overall to the building owner by reducing the “peak electrical demand” level
  • Slows premature aging of a roof due to high surface temperatures
  • Reduces the temperature inside the building it covers by 6-9 degrees

 Why Use Our Pasadena Roof Coating Contractors?

Using our Reflective Roof Coating Contracting Company at American High Tech Roof Coating can provide contractors with:

  • Peace of mind:
  • 7 day work weeks
  • Licenses contractors
  • Rebate programs available through state and federal government programs

And a reflective roof coating is environmentally friendly (“green”) because it:

  • Reduces landfill materials (roughly 10% of landfill waste is made up of roofing materials )
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of the building by reducing the CO2 emissions

Is the cost of applying a reflective roof coating a good investment?

Yes. When applying a reflective roof coating for your Pasadena commercial property you are making a investment to last and to save you in the long run of maintaining a roof and fixing your roof.

  • A more desirable and comfortable work environment inside the building due to less heated building
  • Longer roof life when using roof coating, better durability—coatings protect your roof from the environments elements.
  • Opportunity for energy credits, tax savings, rebates
  • Reduced installation risks
  • Reduced maintenance costs over the life of the roof


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