Add more Years of Life to Your Burbank Roof with Roof Coating by American High Tech Roof Coating, Inc.Burbank-roof-coating

Commercial Roof Coating Burbank –Commercial Roofing 

Commercial Roof Coatings has become a great solutions for commercial property owners. By having roof coating done on your Burbank property, you will discover several really good reasons why commercial properties are choosing roof coating and by looking over this information you as well will see the significant advantages of this particular service offered by American High Tech Roof Coating, Inc.

Roof Coating Protection – Since roof coating help covering the top of your roofing system, it means your roof endures hard impact of infrared and ultraviolet sun light, rain, hail and physical damage. A professional grade of cool roof coating by American High Tech Roof Coating can help protect your roof for many years to come.

Prolonged Roof Life – This is another excellent benefit derived from our roof coating service, which extends the life of your Burbank Roof. Since roof coatings ends up helping your roof against the elements, your roof has the ability to last and function for much longer than it would without the roof coat.

Lower Energy Expense – Roof Coating contains white elastomeric, known as “Cool Roofs,” by Energy Star Systems,  since they reflect the temperature and also sunlight away from your roof. Therefore if the air conditioning wouldn’t work as hard, escpecially in a hot Burbank summer time. It could reduce your Burbank properties energy bill up to 50%.

Roof coatings are highly proven to work, even the government has established tax incentives for energy-saving improvements, including our cool roofing coating service. Check our website to see if federal income tax credits are available for you. We also provide links to state and local energy rebates for roof coating energy savers.
It’s 100% tax deductible!

Decrease the Wiping – Roof coating has lessened and eliminates in some cases roof leaks, pond piles and also decay from sitting water on roofing systems. Our cool roof coating minimizes repairs that comes with your Burbank’s roof over.

There’s additional benefits to be enjoyed with commercial cool roof coating. American High Tech Roof Coating would like to discuss all the benefits and provide you with a zero cost roofing coating estimate for your Burbank commercial property so you are able to move forward with getting your roofing system protected.

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