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Whether your roof is small or large, flat or sloped, American High Tech Roof Coatings Inc. (AHTRCI) can provide silicone roof coating services, which is a guaranteed solution for renewing your roof. They can be applied to any existing roofing surface to protect against ponding water and UV light. You’ll not only save money but will also get a timely solution for your problem.

How Silicone Roof Coating Works

We talk a lot about roof coating restoration systems, and how silicone can save your time, money and energy, but many people still do not understand the process and the benefits it provides. We are going to tackle its main functions: what it does, how it helps you, and how you can benefit from it.

There are many different types of roof coating in the market, but silicon coating is an option that can solve many problems at once. This coating technique has been developed over decades for various applications. As a result this is and a strong, moisture curing, non-chalking and an environmentally friendly product. Before we tell you about the benefits that silicone roof coating can provide, let’s discuss the processes of coating.


The installation process is very simple and convenient with only 2 processes involved: power wash and apply coating. If the roof is old, leaking, getting too hot or wearing down applying silicone roof coating can give it a second life. The only two steps you need to take are power washing the roof and spray-applying the coating. Sometimes you also need to apply a primer before coating but this is very rare.

What Does Silicone Roof Coating Do?

Silicone Roof Coating has 2 main functions: it provides protection from the elements and maintains the building at a proper temperature.
The first function that silicon coating has is based on its ability to create a waterproof, monolithic “coat” that stops leaks and resists pooling water. It’s second function which is temperature control is based on the reflectiveness. This means that the surface of the roof stays cool because the sun rays are reflected by the coating. This can be a huge help for those living in sunny Los Angeles.

How Long Will the Coating Last?

Our Silicone Roof Coating lasts 10-15 years. What happens after that? Do you need to remove the coating and apply it once again? No, you simply have to re-spray the coating onto the roof. You will need to power wash it and spray the coating once more. In this case no primer will be required. Once you apply the second layer, the roof is good to go for 10-15 more years.

Benefits Of Silicone Roof Coating

• Silicone Roof Coating up to 50% cheaper than re-roofing, because it saves on costly tear-offs and roofing materials and services.
• It saves up to 30% on electric air conditioning costs
• Silicone roof coatings can be applied to existing and/or new roofs
• It can extend the life of your roof up to 20 years
• It will reduce the maintenance of your HVAC system
Silicone Roof Coating Services in Los Angeles

Now that you know what silicone roof coating is and how it works you it’s time to think about applying it to your roof. The benefits that this system provides are proven and the ease of applying it makes this even more attractive.

If you are interested in Silicone Roof Coating services in Los Angeles contact AHTRCI at (323) 423-7424. We will be pleased to help you!