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Residential & Commercial Cool Roofs in Los Angeles

With the ever-changing global climate conditions, struggling economy and pressure to be more green, it makes sense to consider a cool roof coating on your home or commercial building.

An uncoated roof can reach up to 240°f and this excessive temperature will transfer unnecessary heat to attics and building interiors causing your air conditioning system to work overtime. That excessive heat and the additional cooling will show up on your energy bill and result in exorbitant cooling costs. In addition, premature deterioration of the roof and sub-structure will occur in time.

By dramatically reducing the surface temperature of the roof, you can prolong the life of the structure material while creating a more pleasant environment for your home or employees, which in turn, can increase productivity and reduce cooling costs. Essentially, a cool roof coating works like a permanent shade and weather protector for your home or building.

With over 20 years experience in the roof coating industry, we have helped numerous buildings reduce their cooling costs by up to 40% while prolonging the lifespan of their existing roofs and lowering the temperature of the surrounding environment. A cool roof coating for your residential home or commercial building makes the most financial sense because we use state of the art roof coating materials to substantially reduce your energy costs and prolong your existing roof.

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