Our Los Angeles Roofing Contractors at American High Tech Roof Coating Have Applied Many Flat Roaf Coatings

Why do you need a flat roof coating? 

Flat roof coatings are engineered to eliminate problems such as chronic leaking, ponding and rapid deterioration caused by weather exposure on your roof. By having your buildings roof professional coated, you can save your roof from experiencing problems such as these.

Now you can make your flat roof superior, even add as many as 20 years of useful life! Whether your current roof is hot-tar modified bitumen rubber, built-up single-ply metal, or polyurethane foam, your roof will go from average to advanced with flat roof coating.

Benefits of Flat Roof Coatings with American High Tech Roof Coarting

  • The vast majority of problem can be prevented with  performing our flat roof coating service.
  • You eliminate the upfront cost of “tear off” of your old roof.
  • Your roof coating project will be completed fast that a new roof.
  • Little to no disruption to the business located in the building.
  • Many of the applied coatings are highly-rated insulation. Customers invariably choose reflective, light-colored or white flat roof coatings which dramatically reduces their air conditioning costs.


American High Tech Roof Coating provides roof coatings for the following roof tops:

  • Asphalt roof systems
  • EPDM and rubber roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • PVC roofs
  • TPO roofs

If your flat roof is asphalt, there are many reasons to invest in our flat roof coating service.

Asphalt roof prices have gone up in price and  its making roof replacement more costly than performing a flat roof coating service. Asphalt usually lasts 10-15 years, but a flat roof coating can add up to 20 years to that useful life by coating your existing roof. Know as roll asphalt or “hot roof” asphalt coats provide lower life expectancy compared to roof coatings and a roof coating job by American High Tech Roof Coating will convert your existing roof to an energy-saving “cool roof as defined by the California Cool Roofs Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Reassure yourself when searching ” Flat Roof Coating Los Angeles ” American High Tech Roof Coating is a premier provider of flat roof coatings in Los Angeles and Southern California.

From roofers to building owners, everyone we speak to at American High Tech Roof Coating agrees that asphalt can be water leaking and the most problematic roofing material in use. Coatings can adhere exceptionally well to asphalt, eliminating the invariable rounds of leak, then fix, leak again and fix again.

Discover how American High Tech Roof Coating can provide your Los Angeles flat roof coating job. Flat roof coatings save you money, time and business disruption for your building.

Contact American High Tech Roof Coating online or call 323-423-7424  to see how we can solve your roofing problems.