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American High Tech Roof Coating is a premier El Monte roofing coating contractor specializing in commercial roof coating.


We are a family business, located in Los Angeles and we have the experience and he licensing needed to get the job done right the first time. El Monte Roof Coating is our specialty unlike many others who work on many other forms of commercial buildings, American High Tech Roof Coating specializes in roof coating.

Our Roof Coating service makes us a top roof coating and roofing service company in the El Monte area.

We guarantee our workmanship as a roofing contractor.

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What is a cool roof coating?

Cool Roof Coating is a bright white elastomeric or silicone coating that reflects 80-90% of the sun’s heat. A cool roof coating or Cool Roof Restoration can cut summer utility cost and, extend the life of your roof. A property done commercial roof coating contractor can help reduce HVAC costs on commercial and industrial building as well to protecting your roof from the everyday elements of the environment.

The biggest benefits of having your commercial or industrial building roof coated with a cool roof coating:

• Prolongs your roof’s life by protecting it from Ultra Violate damage
• Reduces the cost of cooling your building
• Your HVAC equipment does not have to work as hard which extends the life of your cooling units.
• Saves you money from reducing the strain on your air conditioning units.

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