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How does a reflective roof coating make my City of Commerce roof “cool?”city-of-industry-roof-coating

Nearly any commercial roof in the City of Commerce can be converted into a “cool” roof with American High Tech Roof Coating. A cool roof coating reflects solar energy back into space so the roof surface remains cooler, and you’re buildings electricity usage drops and the interior of your building stays cool. A “black” roof becomes incredibly hot in the heat of summer, especially in a hot summer day in the City of Commerce. The installation of a reflective roof coating and flat roof coating not only reduces the surface temperature and heat transfer into the structure, it also acts as the first line of defense against water penetration for the upcoming El Nino and you saves you by investing in a line of protection for your roof against the damaging sun. If you are looking for a City of Commerce Roofing Contractor to provide a roof coating for your building, look not further than American High Tech Roof Coating. Call us Today at 323-423-7424

 What are the benefits to using a reflective roof coating for your City of Commerce commercial property?

  • Creates a more comfortable environment in areas where there is no air conditioning
  • Increases the efficiency of roof-mounted HVAC units
  • Reduces the energy costs
  • Reduces the roof surface temperature by up to 50%
  • Reduces the temperature inside the building it covers by 6-9 degrees
  • Saves on cost of air conditioning the building
  • Slows premature aging

 Why it’s important to use American High Tech Roof Coating in the City of Commerce?

AHTRCI can provide a roof coating service to provide:

  • A more desirable and comfortable work environment inside the building since temperature during the summer will become lower with a cool roof coating
  • Better budget management due to predictable life extension of the roof
  • Longer roof life, better durability and protection against the elements of the sun and rain
  • Minimal disruption to the occupants
  • Opportunity for energy credits, tax savings, rebates for your commercial building
  • Reduced maintenance costs over the life of the roof; and coatings can provide the added bonus of being a water-resistant barrier