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When using American High Tech Roof Coating as your Buena Park roof coating contractor, we use high solar reflectance material to help reflect sunlight and heat away from your commercial building. A high thermal emittance also plays a role, particularly in climates that are warm and sunny like Buena Park on a hot summer day. Together, these properties help roofs to absorb less heat and stay up to 50% cooler than conventional materials during peak summer weather.

Buena Park building owners have used American High Tech Roof Coating for over 10 years on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Through the ENERGY STAR program, EPA and the Department of Energy (DOE) help consumers and identify the most energy-efficient roofing coating. Roofing materials with the ENERGY STAR label have met minimum solar reflectance and reliability criteria. Based on 2006 data from more than 150 ENERGY STAR partners/

Benefits and Costs for roof coating Your Buena Park commercial building

Cool roofs provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Less heated building
  • Longer roof life
  • Opportunity for energy credits, tax savings, rebates
  • Reduced maintenance costs over the life of the roof
  • Extra protection against the sun and rain fall

Although costs will vary greatly depending on location and local circumstances of your Buena Park roof, we encourage you to call American High Tech Roof Coating today for a free estimate.

A California study found that cool roofs provide an average yearly net savings of almost 50 cents per square foot. This number includes the price premium for cool roofing products and increased heating costs in the winter as well as summertime energy savings, savings from downsizing cooling equipment, and reduced labor and material costs over time due to the longer life of cool roofs compared with conventional roofs.

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